Many people confuse counselling with either coaching or mentoring although the three concepts are similar they do vary in practice. Counselling is “a process of assisting and guiding an individual by a trained person on a professional basis to resolve personal, social or psychological problems and difficulties”. (Oxford English Dictionary definition). At Calibre Solutions we provide confidential and sensitive handling of wide-ranging issues that have included: physical, sexual or mental abuse.

Despite legislation, bullying is still endemic in some organisations and currently this is the bulk of our counselling work. However, our recent extensive career counselling, including our involvement in the unemployed group at Milton Keynes has achieved excellent results.

Counselling can help individuals to overcome fears and issues that cause concern in the frequently tenuous association between the perception and reality of self. Counselling provides a safe environment to explore feelings without embarassment. The counsellor respects the individual’s views and will not give directional advice but provide options from which to choose the most appropriate action in the circumstances.

Counselling helps an individual to focus on:

  • the areas that are causing concern
  • the most appropriate way(s) to deal with work or personal related stress
  • exploration of what prevents the person from achieving his/her aspirations
  • assessing own level of competence and improving confidence
  • recognising the need to self-knowledge and predictions about oneself


The counsellor emphasises and encourages personal responsibility for actions and the effects on other people. This is not criticising or judging the individual but helps to find coping behaviours to suit him/her in specific situations.

Counselling is built on sound, safe and trusting relationship with the person concerned to help that individual regain their self worth. Counselling is usually carried out on a 1-1 and face-to-face basis although it can be done via phone/email of other IT media.


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